GHQIA – GlobalHealth Quality & Innovation Accreditation for Clinics

We are Asia’s first clinic-focused accreditation body. Your trusted authority on patient safety, quality of care & innovation standards for specialist clinic operations.

Asia. Clinic. Innovation.

Asia’s first quality improvement organisation to benchmark specialist clinic operations against standards relating to digital health adoption and innovative. practices.

Our quality improvement consultation and accreditation services set the standards for specialist clinics in Asia, providing a rigorous framework to guide clinic operations in delivering safe, high-quality, and innovative healthcare. Well-placed ahead of the evolving patient journey and care delivery models, we partner with doctors and the community to write the next chapter on healthcare.

Our Oath

Keeping our consultation and accreditation services specialised in Asia, for Clinics, and in the advocacy of Innovative Practices, GHQIA strives to foster an improvement culture in the delivery of safe and quality care. Our vision is to drive positive experiences and outcomes of care for all—helping people live longer and better lives, shaping the future of population health.

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Our Validations

“Clinics such as ours strive for service excellence and patient safety. Formal accreditation would be an acknowledgement of rigorous standards that will give added confidence to patients and staff.”

Dr Rohit Khurana

Consultant Cardiologist, The Harley Street,
Heart & Vascular Centre

“Accreditations will change the specialist clinic landscape much in the same way JCI did for hospitals. Doctors need to demonstrate a commitment to quality care and innovation. GHQIA provides them with a benchmark and mechanism to do so.”

Dr Timothy Low

Board Director of Farrer Park Hospital &
Head of Healthcare Pavilion Capital

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