Centre of Excellence Accreditation

GHQIA members can undertake assessment in specific niche areas of clinical expertise to earn a Centre of Excellence accreditation.


Centre of Excellence Accreditation

The Centre of Excellence (CoE) Accreditation is a first-to-market initiative allowing GHQIA members to undertake accreditation in niche areas of clinical expertise.

GHQIA will apply the ACHS International standards in a focused manner, conducting a deep-dive assessment of the organisation on those selected fronts.

As part of the excellence requirements and to ensure stand-out achievements in the identified specialty, the organisation is required to participate in the ACHS International Clinical Indicator Program (CIP) to benchmark themselves against best-in-class providers and strive for continuous improvements during the time they are accredited.

CoE Accreditation Process & Upkeep Activities (3 years)

The accreditation activities will involve:


  • Contract signing
  • Scoping form shared
  • Access to assessment recording tool (ART)


  • Conduct mock assessment (if required)
  • Walk-through by GHQIA on assessment criterion
  • Submit self-assessment documents via the ART


  • Submitted documents reviewed by senior assessor


  • Follow-up questions formulated and shared
  • Timetable for final assessment and flow of day shared


  • Assessment commences on-site
  • Organisations upload any added evidence
  • Inspiring Excellence in Healthcare

Badges of Recognition, Innovation, and Accreditation

Hospitals shall receive badges of recognition, innovation, and accreditation covering GHQIA membership and ACHS International Accreditation

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