Innovation Distinction

Member healthcare providers can score a distinction rating in accreditation by adopting digital and innovative practices.

Score a Distinction with Innovation

Few industries have been disrupted to the degree that healthcare has been. Recent healthcare innovations have kept us at the edge of our seats. Remote care solutions, telemedicine, e-prescriptions, electronic medical records, data security, HIPAA compliance, wearable tech, use of virtual reality in procedures to reduce patient stress, and big data analytics for better diagnoses – are just a few to name. As the only quality improvement organisation to assess healthcare providers on the innovation-focused criterion, we keep our eyes peeled for digital and technological developments that will revolutionise healthcare, supporting our members to adopt innovative practices.

In the GHQIA membership program, healthcare providers can get a badge of innovation in the membership standing by demonstrating that they adopt new techniques and technologies to improve clinical and non-clinical outcomes.

4C Evidence Criteria

Providers must present the following evidence to meet the criterion of an innovative approach:


A new or redesigned process or procedure that is a better utilisation of resources or the adoption of new methods.


Benchmark against existing practice and other institutions.


Prove the magnitude of the benefit, such as reduced costs, fewer complications in patients, etc.


The new practice must be viable, scalable, and importantly – sustainable.

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