Why Get Accredited

Benefits of healthcare accreditation. Who should get accredited?

Benefits of Healthcare Accreditation for Providers

Better Patient Outcomes

Patient care is complex work, where excellence is a minimum expectation. Strive for error-free healthcare operations with accreditation. It is not just about following processes and meeting standards. It is about self-examination and continuous improvement.

Gain access to expert consultation and independent assessments as GHQIA supports you in setting up better structures, implementing standard operating procedures, and streamlining processes, allowing you to minimise variability, mitigate clinical risk, and reduce overall costs.

These efficiencies translate to greater patient engagement, better treatment, and improved outcomes, strengthening the community’s trust in your organisation and driving a positive business impact.

In today’s intelligent age, falling behind in technology adoption can be unforgiving. GHQIA is committed to helping our members keep up with the transformation of healthcare delivery. From where we stand, we get the best seat in the house to witness emerging patient concerns and healthcare innovation trends. With our deep experience and expertise, we are equipped to inspire and support your organisation’s efforts to innovate through clear advice and guidance.

There is much to be said about the role of accreditation in driving innovation. Accreditation brings new and unbiased perspectives from an independent third party, helping members think differently and out of the box, empowering them to devise exciting solutions, catalysing innovation to drive improved outcomes.

As such, if you seek to evoke a culture of learning, researching, and benchmarking, exploring emerging technologies to drive improvements in your healthcare practice, the accreditation program is your enabler.

Empower your team to improve care delivery, building staff competencies for safety and quality. With every employee aligned on the standards, you can boost teamwork, communication, and productivity. You can also foster a workforce culture that encourages learning, critical thinking, and innovative methods.

Your staff will take pride in knowing that your organisation is working to international best practices, improving the overall staff satisfaction, driving talent retention and attraction.

Eventually, an operation underlined by excellence will offer assurance to the management, increasing their confidence to consider more funding and potential plans for business expansions.

Steer your practice in the right direction by examining yourself against established global standards within an identified clinical specialty. Gain access to benchmark data from the ACHS International Clinical Indicator Program (CIP) to help you identify areas of improvement and monitor your progress.

Benefit from discussions with advanced industry experts and tap into the GHQIA network, sharing best practices and forging collaborations with fellow providers.

Most of all, your excellence pursuit deserves a shout-out to the public and insurers. Draw upon the healthcare accreditation as a tool to help you communicate your focus on patient safety, quality of care, and commitment to continuous innovations.

Strengthen the community’s trust in your organisation and improve your ability to attract patients.

Be a top player; be recognised; be differentiated.

Who Do We Accredit?


Medical Centres

Centres of Excellence

Day Surgery Centres

Chronic Care Facilities

Alternative Care

Imaging & Radiology

Diagnostics & Laboratory

Specialist Clinics






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